Who Am I & What The Hell Am I Playing At?

Alright, alright…. Where to begin….

Firstly, Hi!  Welcome to the small corner of the world that is mine.  Now on to the main reason I’m here… and hopefully, you too.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to put something together like a blog or resource about the one thing that interests me more than anything.  And thought “what better place than here, what better time than now!” to quote a Rage Against The Machine line.

I’m a metalhead.  I love rock and metal, and most variations on the theme.  I grew up in the sunny(?) U.K. on a diet of Whitesnake, Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi, thanks to influence from my older brother, but like so many others, school and my peers lead me down a different, very dark path for a while.  It wasn’t til I was about 14/15ish that I ‘got into it’ again, courtesy of a friend singing GN’R at me on a school trip.  He, Slash and Guns N’ Roses have a lot to answer for since.

So what am I trying to do. I’m passionate about rock / metal music. I love it. I listen to it every day and go to a show a few times a month if not more. I was in a metal band for 10 years. We were unsigned, yeah, but we achieved more than I ever thought we would.

The point is, I want to write about the things I like. Beats writing about things I don’t like, yeah? …and work! I want to put pen to paper, then finger to keyboard and write about the songs that make me throw the horns, the gigs that make me dive in the pit, great new albums from top bands, some of the fantastic unsigned bands I’ve seen and heard. I just want to pass on my view, my opinion on what I see, and have seen, out there in the metal world.

I want to be able to pick up a new album and tell you what I think. Not a fluffy magazine review that is kissing arse when it should be saying “actually, this ain’t the heaviest thing they’ve written, it’s a bit mellow, really” and I wont be reviewing music I don’t like so you get an uninformed view of it. Like when people into stoner rock review a thrash album and say its shit! I’ll tell you my thoughts on the music I like, just like my mates give me their opinions.

Some people might find it informative. Some won’t. If you agree or find something here that you like then yay! If not, then what the hell, we can still be friends, yeah? Its not like all your mates have the same opinion. I listen to music that a few of my mates will just say “that’s gay” too, but I don’t think they’re dicks for it. (the fact that they are dicks does that quite well without any help! :-p) Anyway, I digress…

I’ll give you reviews of new albums (when I get them), new bands, etc. If I find myself listening to something old that’s still cool, I’ll tell you why I like it! There are bands out there that have been going for years that I’ve only just picked up on. So if I mention something like its brand spanking new, don’t message me saying “ dude, you’re waaaaaaay behind the times, XX has 3 albums out”, I’ve only done it cause I just found em myself and want to share. I know there are others who miss out on stuff to. I mean, it took me a while before I got to listen to Testament. Now there’s something I should have done sooner!!

Unsigned bands too. I’ve been on the UK metal circuit and seen some shit hot unsigned bands that are worthy of mention. To be honest, I’ve seen some bloody terrifying ones too! But if you have something you want me to listen to, then cool – send me a link! I’ve been on the end of bad press, so you won’t get slated if it’s not my cup of tea. If its not, then I’m not a fair judge, so I won’t say anything! We got slated by a magazine for looking like “a stereotypical metal band” and didn’t even rate us on the music. Apologies for dressing like so many of my peers. Twats.

I’ve also got a fair few ‘tales from the unsigned road’ and do’s and don’ts that we learned the hard way that might be cool to write about. God knows, if I’d have found some hints n tips when we were gigging, we’d have saved some money and time. Might have cost a few laughs though! I’ve been to hundreds of gigs and festivals that I’d like to reminisce about, that I’m sure some of you might have been at (Korn in Liverpool Krazy House, Slayer in Nottingham Rock City, Donington 95, etc..) and I’ll be going to loads more, so pop along to here and see what I thought of em.

I’m not claiming to be the be-all and end-all of metal or some rock god fountain of rock musical knowledge. I know what I know, and like what I like. I’m just a guy who hates his job and loves some heavy tunes with a few beers. (usually Hatebreed if I’ve had a few).

So think of this blog/twitter thing I’m doing as another mate of yours who you wanna share new music with and find out about new music from. I want to expand my archive of quality bands and let you know about some of the hidden gems I’ve been passed. I have friends who come around, throw new bands at each other and we both find something we like. Usually.

So, Thanks for listening and enjoy our feature presentation….


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