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Hello, howdy, howzit goin?

Ok, i’ve been away for a bit, but it’s all been for a good cause. I was at Sonisphere watching the Big Four, Biffy and the ‘Knot to name but a few (I’m still in festival recovery mode), and i’ve had a few gigs to go to before that such as Suicide Silence, After the Burial & co, so over the next week or so i’ve a fair bit to waffle on about!

Coupled with the fact that i’ve got some groovy new tunes to listen to courtesy of Limp Bizkit and Unearth will see me, fingers crossed, back on here with vengeance!

Keep an eye out for at least my memories of the Cavalera Conspiracy w/ Sylosis gig in Wrexham, which will be very few given that i was wrecked off my face (cheers again for the Jager, Ross).

..and i’ll have a glowing review of next thursdays Slash gig in manchester. By glowing, i mean i’ll likely be sobbing like a child as he plays Sweet Child O’Mine. So very, very effing excited.

…and slightly off the subject of music, i’m gonna check out the new Batman Live show on Friday too! Heard there was a bit of an incident earlier this week where Bats himself was carted off on a stretcher. I don’t think it was due to the Riddler laying the smackdown on him either!!

ah well, It’s all fun!