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Ok, so a few weeks back I get a call from a friend.  For this instance, we’ll call him Jim (mainly cause his name is Jim).
“You gotta check out this band called ‘Black Breath’.  They’re fookin amazing.  They sound like Entombed on Wolverine Blues”
Now, to me, sounding like Entombed on the Wolverine Blues album can only be a good thing, cause lets face it ‘Demon’ and ‘Wolverine Blues’ are awesome tunes.  And that guitar sound…. Filth.

So I do what I usually do at this point and write ‘Check out “Black Breath”’ on a post-it note for later.  These sometimes make it to my PC.  Sometimes to the wash.

Either way, a week or so later, Jim comes round on a music swap mission and brings with him Black Breath’s ‘Heavy Breathing’ album. Remembering he said it was like Entombed, I put it on. Stunned silence.  Followed by laughter (in a good way. When something is that cool, I laugh.  You should have seen me watching ‘The Expendables’ at the cinema).

Black Breath are ace.  They have proper nailed that filthy European death metal sound that the likes of Entombed and Breach got me into, along with that ‘death & roll’ groove to their music.

Heavy Breathing Album Cover

Black Breaths "Heavy Breathing"

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not a rip off band (Flymore -Korn, anyone??). Far from it, they are a fresh twist on a style and sound that is fantastic.  Hardcore-Punk influenced grooves, with filthy guitars and an awesome vocal.

The songs vary from upbeat in-your-face numbers with thrashy riffs and massive walls of chords, to slower doomy tunes with great guitar melodies.  They’ve got elements of loads of great bands rolled into one.  As I’ve said, the guitars have the dirtiest metal sound and the vocals are great.  He sounds like there’s 150% going in to every shout, and that every one might be his last!

The songs will make you wanna get in the pit and start ‘milling around whilst others have that party feel that Snot mastered. And with some simple, but effective, and memorable choruses to chant along with, you’ll be singing along from start to finish.

Check out their ‘Razor To Oblivion’ EP too.  Some great tunes on there too.  The title track has a definite Motorhead feel about it.

Visit the Black Breath Myspace page ( and check em out!!  They’re also on a European/UK tour very soon. If you’re at the Manchester show on Nov 22nd, I’ll see you down the front!!

In the meantime, check out this vid from Youtube of Black Breath performing “Wewhocannotbenamed” live. I love the intro to this song: